Student Teacher Code?

The Student Teacher Code was something that I was not aware of before. After reading this I believe that this code is extremely beneficial to student teachers as it establishes guidance for you as a student. The code also provides support and helps you as a student build a professional foundation which leads to a successful career as a teacher. It also contains information that student teachers need to be aware of before becoming a fully qualified teacher.

There was some content within the code that really caught my eye. I never realised that the GTC Scotland go into great depth to make sure you are fit to teach. I knew that a PVG check would be carried out but I was not aware that when you register with the GTC they look at the professional standards and principles. I strongly believe that this is a great thing for GTC to do as it makes sure that the teacher is fit to teach. The different parts of the code really help to define how you should work with others and pupils. You can see how the code links into the Code of Professionalism and Conduct as it mentions things that relate to how you should act as a professional.


2 thoughts on “Student Teacher Code?

  1. M Mackie

    I agree that it is very useful to have this guidance to refer to as and when needed. There is a lot expected of teachers with regard to their personal and professional conduct. Despite this, I do find it quite sad that some of the parts of the code even have to exist! It is shocking to think of some of the incidents that have happened in order for these guidelines to have needed to be written out in black and white.

    1. Rebecca MacDonald Post author

      I totally agree with you! When I first read the document I was very shocked too and did not understand why some of the things had to be included in the guidelines.


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