Stepping into a time of in between

Where it is not yet clear what is to come

And hard to let go of what has been


Looking back with fondness on memories shared

With those who still stand by me

And those no longer there


A time to find completion in the things that now must end

To come around full circle

Saying goodbye to many friends


An overwhelming sense of joy when reflecting on success

Knowing all the hard work has paid off

And I really tried my best


But stepping into the unknown can bring about some fears

The routine stirred and change awaits

I had just grown to like it here


Familiar faces sharing a smile

About to be flung far and wide

I may not see them for a while


Stepping out into a new adventure

Wondering what’s in store

Seems somewhat a crazy venture


Holding back the tears through many goodbyes

Forming positive relationships is all very well

Until once more it’s time to fly


Stepping out into a truly unique position

To give of my time and developing talents

That is, once I’ve made it through the transition


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