What makes a teacher who makes a difference?

In my opinion, a teacher who makes a difference is someone who can inspire their learners by being committed to, and passionate about their subject. They work extra hours without being told to do so, to ensure that their lessons are fun, engaging and fulfilling for their pupils. You can always tell if a teacher loves their job because they will get so much out of day to day interactions and so will their class. It is the drive and motivation from these people that makes a difference as it encourages others to show the same enthusiasm and passion for learning.

Through personal experience, I can honestly say that my favourite teachers at school were the ones who consciously made the effort to make a difference and left a positive memory of my time in their classroom. These teachers were not necessarily the ones with the most knowledge about their subject but those who had the ability to make lessons fun and interactive but kept the class well disciplined at the same time. Particular examples that stick out in my head are the teachers who were not only good at giving lessons to a whole class but had the ability to speak to you on an individual basis, willing to listen and give constructive feedback if you were having a particular difficulty.

My favourite teachers wanted the best results for each individual and saw each person’s level of ability and personal goals as unique to them. These teachers made a difference in my life and they are people who I aim to be like, and I will no doubt remember them, above others, when I tell my own children about my time at school.



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