The Construction of the Professional

There are a number of key qualities and attributes that play an important role in the construction of a professional and they are all beneficial in different ways when it comes to teaching. I have chosen to focus on five qualities that I think are key to possess when teaching children:

  • Patience
  • Tolerance
  • Kindness
  • Fairness
  • Empathy


For a teacher, patience means having the ability to stay calm if a child is really pushing it, it is the ability to never give up on a child no matter how tough they are being. it is an important skill to have because if a teacher wasn’t patient they probably wouldn’t really enjoy their job, it would be hard to see children improve if teachers did not possess the patience to work with them, to help them do the best they can do and to work hard with them so that they can get better at anything that they struggle with.


This, I feel comes hand in hand with patience. Similarly, for a teacher this means that they should be able to keep a cool head when it comes to bad behaviour and deal with it calmly. when working with kids it is important to be extremely tolerant as children will be noisy and they will muck around. it is important for a teacher to allow some fun and be tolerant to a certain extent when it comes to noise and mess.


I believe that having the ability to be kind is extremely important when it comes to teaching. Children need to feel like they can approach their teacher and not be scared to ask questions. However, it is important to not be too kind and let the children take advantage, a teacher should be approachable but not so approachable that the children feel like they can walk all over them.


A teacher should always be fair, this means that they should always treat every child the same. It is important to reward children when they deserve it and similarly to make a child aware if they have done something wrong and take appropriate action. A teacher should always remain consistency and should not favour some children over others.


This is an extremely important quality to have. A teacher should be able to understand how a child is feeling and consider how this may effect their behaviour or concentration in school. They must be able to understand why a child is acting in a certain way so that they can figure out how to improve behaviour or decide how to deal with a situation.

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