Online Units Section 1C, The Benefits of Active Learning and Co-Operative Working

When faced with completing this task I firstly attempted to find a definition for active learning, Education Scotland website came up with the ide that it is a sort of learning that really challenges a way a child thinks and it des this by using situations that are both real-life and imaginary. this website also provides examples of this being used in practice which I find very useful. Here is the link just in case anyone is interested:

So what exactly are the benefits of active learning?

I personally think that this learning style has an endless amount of benefits, it is exactly what children want to be doing in class. it is exciting because it is an extremely hands on approach and children are less likely to get bored. As a result of children being more entertained behaviour may improve also. Young children shouldn’t be stuck in seats all day copying from a board, they need to get up and get moving and that’s exactly what the active learning approach is looking to do.

What are the benefits of co-operative working?

 I would personally say that working co-operatively to study for something is extremely useful, it creates that security of knowing that people are thinking the same as you, its a good way of finding out if you are actually on the right track too, similarly if you are doing things completely wrong it makes it easier to find that out before it is too late. Working co-operatively is useful for more than just study, group tasks can create friendships and build confidence when speaking to new people. It may also mean that overall the work produced is of a higher standard because people have been able to discuss many points and have more ideas to put down. The benefits and drawbacks of each idea have been discussed before a conclusion has been reached.

However, there are also a few drawbacks to co-operative working, when working in groups the discussion may often end up going off topic and this may result in little or no work being done. Also, if there is a disagreement within the group then that may effect the quality of discussion.

Overall, there are many benefits of both active learning and co-operative working and I think they both contribute greatly to the future of education.

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