Why did I choose Discovering Mathematics?

I chose to take the elective of discovering mathematics mainly because of my fear of maths. Before choosing my elective, I had a look at all of the choices given to me. Originally, I was going to take French as my elective but as I am fluent in French already, I did not feel that this elective would be challenging enough for me.

When looking at the Discovering Mathematics elective, it explained that it was to increase the confidence and competence in maths. I felt that this would not only help me develop my knowledge in maths, but also help me overcome my fear of maths. For me, I need to work on my confidence level in maths and I feel that this would provide me with the opportunity to do so.

My past experience of maths was not great. I always had to work extra hard to achieve at least a pass in the subject! Although I did achieve a good grade in Immediate 2 mathematics, I had great difficulty in doing so. I had to work harder than the rest of the class and most of the time I had no idea what was going on and felt scared to ask.

I want to achieve confidence in maths and understand how and why mathematics is used n everyday life.



This picture sums up my previous experience in maths.

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