The benefits of active learning and co-operative working

To me, active learning is a skill we should all be working on to improve. It is one thing taking notes in lectures but for me, and I’m sure many others would agree, the information doesn’t always go into my head and stay there by the time the lecture has finished.

An effective way to make sure you have understood the content from the lecture would be to read over and write your notes out again soon after the lecture. Copying out the notes again puts information into your head easier as you don’t have the distractions of the lecturer speaking and from your peers. For me, I find it helpful to rewrite my notes in coloured pens or make mind maps and flashcards. Seeing information in a different format sometimes helps.

Co-operative learning for me is working together and helping each other out. Sharing ideas and hearing other people’s ideas and opinions is a really helpful way to collect information and to expand on what you already know. As well as active learning, I think it is really important for us as future teachers to develop our understanding of co-operative learning so that we can then pass on our knowledge and encourage our pupils to learn in a similar way.

1 thought on “The benefits of active learning and co-operative working

  1. Katie Rebecca Whitham

    I totally agree that re-writing notes is the most efficient way of revision. After a lecture that’s the first thing i do. Mind maps is something I have never done and I might try too, so that you for that idea! Sharing your opinions and supporting each other’s work is a great way of cooperating and working together in peer groups.


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