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Urban child institute

Following my input upon the physical child I wished to gain more knowledge upon the subject and simply Google searched “the physical child”; here I stumbles across an insightful website that explains child development within the first five years. The website is supported by numerous studies and facts and is displayed in an easy to read format. The urban child institute is an organization situated in Memphis that are dedicated to improving issues of children through addressing the importance of the first three years of life.  Below is a link to a publication on the site that I found interesting.

Steve Strand – link between socio-economic factors and the achievement gap

Strand (2012) The White British-black Caribbean Achievement Gap

With a research interest circulating around the idea of equity gaps, particularly in relation to social class, ethnicity and gender; Steve Strand (Professor of education at Oxford) wrote about the attainment gap concerning British-Black people. Within his research Strand states that the primary reason for the achievement gap is the substantial difference in socio-economic status between white and black learners. He supported this using the labour force survey of 2004/05 that stated only 20% of white households live in poverty compared to; 25% of Indian Households, 30% of Black-Caribbean households, 45% of Black-African households, 55% of Pakistani households, and a shocking 65% of Bangladeshi households. Supporting his facts with multiple school surveys including one on school meal entitlement, strand perceived a direct link between socio-economic disadvantage and a child’s development. For example through limited material resources, higher risk of ranged and developmental issues and an indirect influence of parental education and aspiration.