6 thoughts on “Welcome to my professional learning blog!”

  1. Happy to take a peek. I thought I’d mastered my Blog until I checked it and one of the posts was missing. Enjoy creating.

  2. Hi Becky! I’m Emma and I’m the Programme Lead for Tayside group. It’s nice to see you have your blog up and running. I like your selection of postcard book covers – any reason for those choices?

    1. Hi Emma! Nice to see you – that was my background when I taught online during lockdown and that is where I really felt I was able to develop the most as a professional than I have in years, so I thought it was apt! 🙂

  3. Hello Becky, nice to meet you! I am the lead critical friend for Tayside and I teach psychology and computing at secondary. I am looking forward to seeing how you will develop your leadership learning this year (like the postcards as a background too!).

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