Why Teaching?

For me, teaching has always been what I have wanted to do. From a young age, I have always wanted to be like my Primary School teachers and have a class of my own. However, along the way like any other teenager, I changed my mind so many times. I wanted to be a Radio Presenter. So I emailed all the local radio stations I knew, and after having work experience with Forth 1 I knew that it wasn’t the job for me. I also did a few things similar to this, I thought I wanted to be a manager in a hotel, but I didn’t like that either. Throughout all this time though, I have always known I have wanted to be a teacher but didn’t know if i wanted to do secondary teaching or primary teaching. So I asked around, went to a few high schools and primary schools and every single primary school I visited made my face light up – they were the only places I looked around and was really excited about meeting the teachers. All the teachers just made me feel more passionate and excited about what I wanted to do.

However, after having work experience, jobs and volunteering in totally different jobs and not liking it too much I was terrified of having my own class and realising it also wasn’t the career I wanted. So when I finished school, rather than apply for University, I took a year out and worked in a children’s soft play centre. I couldn’t have loved it more, incorporating numbers, letters, art and various other subjects into my day job was exciting, and confirmed for me that the path for me to go down was definitely teaching children.

So I am nearly 22, and after feeling I am finally ready. The reason I have always wanted to become a Primary School teacher was to make that difference. To help deal with issues inside and outside the classroom, to talk to them and be a teacher and someone they can talk to if they need too. I want to be Miss Klos, the teacher that when my pupils are older will tell people about because I helped them at that stage in their life. I can’t wait to make a difference to someones life and help them read and write. I can’t wait to feel proud and teaching for me, has to be the career in my eyes with the biggest rewards and the biggest challenges.