My First Month

This is just a brief update about my month so far, and about my first month in University Halls.

On my course so far, I’ve learned so much already. Not only from my lectures and workshops, but actually about myself as a person. I’ve learned that when living with 5 different people that you have never met before it can be seriously challenging, but through this we’ve became stronger as a flat.

From my course so far, it’s been so different from high school and college, I’ve went from having really personal experiences with a small group of people in a local area to somewhere I don’t really know with people I have never met before in huge lecture theatres. However, I am loving it! Our modules are interesting and university life is completely different to what I thought it would be. I imagined a lecturer standing at the front speaking for hours on end and the students just taking notes all day and then us going home and trying to decode what they were saying during that class – but it is so different to this. It’s a great experience.

It terms of the people I have met, they are great too. Everyone is in the same boat – confused, happy and homesick. Today we all agreed to meet after our lecture at the Liar Bar and get to know each other better and it was great, I met a lady who was previously a nurse, a few people I had never spoken to before and a few people who I had never even seen before and we all got along great.

So far, it has been exciting. I can’t wait to have another few years of this.

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