Learning From Home

Resources for BGE pupils

Reading for Understanding, Analysis and Evaluation

Get to grips with WISSO techniques:
Labyrinth – Textual analysis
The Distant Hours – Textual analysis
Why You Don’t See Baby Pigeons – RUAE
Michael Morpurgo Reading Passage with questions
S1 Comparison Project
S2 Comparison Project
S3 Mini AVU Comparison Project

Reading for Enjoyment

Access Books and Audiobooks Online for free via

The North Ayrshire Council library app
Open Library Website
Young Adult Fiction Audio books

Go for some classics like ‘Treasure Island’, ‘Little Women’ and the works of HP Lovecraft at: https://www.gutenberg.org/
Make a top five list of classics that you aim to read and go for it. Keep a record of your reading and try to identify how the author created the characters and the narrative.
Write this up and share with your teacher.


If you are a fan of superheroes and comics then head to https://www.dckids.com/ to read free editions of some of DC’s top superhero comics. There are even cartoon episodes to watch.
Once you have read some, why not make your own comic? How about  superhero kid coping with 12 weeks off school by helping others – at https://edu.pixton.com/solo. You can then share your link with your teacher to get feedback. Also, you can enter your comic for the Pixton comic of the week.

Writing Ideas

Test your creativity and imagination by challenging yourself to complete a writing task every day: Short Creative writing tasks

If you like spooky and scary things, your sure to enjoy having a go at this  Supernatural writing unit

Have a go at writing your own RPG computer game with an aim to write dialogue to develop your characters and narrative: https://rpgplayground.com/

Share with your friends to test one anothers games. Then, give one another feedback on where there are issues and what you liked about one another’s work. Use Hangouts or email to do so.

Write a blog about a topic of your choice. Each day, find out some information on your chosen topic and then write it up at: https://www.blogger.com/about/?r=1-null_user

Grammar and Knowledge and Langauge
Still don’t know your verbs from your adjectives? Create an account at http://www.englicious.org/lesson/register-englicious-website and start working through the lessons and tests.

Set yourself a target to know:


  • How to use a full stop
  • How to use a comma
  • How to use a paragraph
  • How to identify clauses in a sentence
  • How to identify a verb, adverb, noun and adjective
  • When to use a colon or a semi-colon in your writing.

Here are some materials to get you started:

Spelling word search
 Semi Colons Activity Sheet
Homophones activity sheets


Listening and Talking
Keep learning about a range of topics from the minds that brought us Ted talks: https://ed.ted.com/ or was short videos about on English Language and English Literature or on Bitesize.
Summarise what you have heard and then think about making your own videos. Use Google Slides and Loom to create presentations that contain music and a narrator.

Love ‘Stranger Things’? Have a listen to ‘Mars Patel’, a mystery podcast set in a school: https://www.marspatel.com/

Get into Radio Podcasts from the BBC: https://www.bbc.co.uk/Podcasts

And if you must watch something…at least make sure it’s something interesting: INTO FILM