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Writing Portfolio

You will be expected to write two essays for your Writing Portfolio. These essay must be your own work. You will be severely penalized if you are found to have plagiarised (copied) the work of anyone (older sibling, friend, writer, parent etc) or have received lots of help to write your essay (from older sibling, friend, writer, parent etc). Be sensible. If you cheat you put all of your qualifications at risk. Better to trust your own abilities and put the hard work in.

The Writing Portfolio

One will be “Broadly Discursive”. For this you are most likely to write a Persuasive essay or a Discursive essay (one with a balanced argument).

The other will be “Broadly Creative”. For this you might write something Imaginative, like a short story or short dramatic piece or you will write a Personal Reflective essay.

Each piece MUST be put into this template before submission. 

See below for lots of resources to help you work on this independently.

Broadly Discursive

Discursive/Persuasive Essay Help

Broadly Creative

Imaginative writing
S3 Creative Writing
Essay Checklist
Creative Writing
An excellent Guide on Creative Writing

Personal Reflective Writing

Persuasive Essay Structure
Persuasive Writing 
Manipulating Statistics