Writing Portfolio

You will be expected to write two essays for your Writing Portfolio. These essay must be your own work. You will be severely penalized if you are found to have plagiarised (copied) the work of anyone (older sibling, friend, writer, parent etc) or have received lots of help to write your essay (from older sibling, friend, writer, parent etc). Be sensible. If you cheat you put all of your qualifications at risk. Better to trust your own abilities and put the hard work in.

The Writing Portfolio

For the Course assessment at National 5 and Higher, you are required to submit a portfolio containing two pieces of writing, which is externally assessed by the SQA and should be submitted to your teacher usually in late February or early March.

The SQA now require you to use this template to produce hard copies of your portfolio for submission, as the portfolio will be e-marked.

You can type directly onto the template, or you can copy and paste your writing from another file.

Both portfolio pieces should be contained within one template, with a clear indication of where each piece of writing starts. We recommend using the headings DISCURSIVE and CREATIVE.

The template has a straightforward format and is set up with a common font and font size; however these can be altered if required.

Please make sure that all content is contained inside the margin lines of the template, as this is important to ensure accurate scanning.

Your Scottish Candidate Number (SCN), and a page number, must be added to the foot of every page in the template, using the boxes provided. These are for the purposes of identification. If you don;t know your SCN you can find it on your Glow Profile page.

It is recommended that the portfolio pieces are printed double-sided, but please do not use staples to collate the pages, as this will disrupt the scanning process.

Please also ensure that your work is printed clearly (e.g. no print leakage) so that it is legible.

One will be “Broadly Discursive”. For this you are most likely to write a Persuasive essay or a Discursive essay (one with a balanced argument).

The other will be “Broadly Creative”. For this you might write something Imaginative, like a short story or short dramatic piece or you will write a Personal Reflective essay.

As previously stated each piece MUST be put into this template before submission. 

See below for lots of resources to help you work on this independently.

Broadly Discursive

Discursive/Persuasive Essay Help

Broadly Creative

Imaginative writing
Creative Writing
Essay Checklist
Creative Writing
An excellent Guide on Creative Writing

Personal Reflective Writing

Persuasive Essay Structure
Persuasive Writing 
Manipulating Statistics


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