Day 11 of Spring Break – WORD CHOICE QUESTIONS – Reading for Understanding, Analysis and Evaluation

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Show how the word choice in paragraphs three and 4 expresses the writer’s distaste for what is happening to the island. (2)

This time around, we could see from the plane that many hectares of jungle had been gouged out for a massive international airport in the middle of the island. Unless a few resorts that offer tourists real encounters with Phu Quoc’s remarkable environment and culture can turn the tide, the fate of yet another “paradise island” seems sealed.

In reality, of course, neither the beaches nor the jungle have been truly pristine for a very long time. They have been fished and logged for many centuries, but only recently, and quite abruptly, has their exploitation threatened to become unsustainable. And Phu Quoc has probably never been much of a paradise for its own people, and certainly not over the last century.

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  1. Technique – Word Choice
    Gouged has connotations of hacked at without care or precision. This suggests that the area used for the airport was scooped out without detail or thought to what it was doing to the environment around it.

    Exploitation has connotations of taken advantage of and that benefit was taken from it. This suggests that the jungle was reaped of it’s resources far in excess of it’s limits to it’s own demise of natural produce.

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