What has Happened? What are your Next Steps?

I have been unable to answer the question I have set out, but I have been able to watch a group of learners grow and adapt to new strategies. The children have become more interested and engaged with their learning when given an active say in this, and they have met the learning outcomes that were set out for them. I have learned that I have a very adaptable bunch of learners who are very interested in challenging themselves and rising to the challenges given to them.


The biggest surprise is how I have embraced not actually “finishing” the project the way I would have hoped to; having not answered my question and actually finding more along the way. This had lead o powerful discussions with my management team and other professionals in the community and has opened new doors with new pathways to explore – such as involving other agencies and classes in my planning moving forward.


Next year my hope is to continue with this enquiry and build a strategic framework within the school

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