How has COVID-19 affected your Plan?

Covid-19 has greatly affected my planning. Due to the pandemic I have been tying to navigate teaching a new stage as well as adapting my teaching styles to fit the guidance and distancing in the pandemic. My project itself was caught in many roadblocks due to different calendar commitments within the school year that had to be moved and adapted due to the pandemic, we had another lockdown which put my project essentially on hold for 6 weeks.


It has however opened the door to numerous professional conversations and dialogues with colleagues both in m school and wider community about the importance of children’s voices in their education, how they learn and what they learn and if Scottish Education system is set up to support learners through their journey or give them a prescriptive set of hoops and hurdles that everyone has to overcome whether or not it’s the right fit for them.


My enquiry will no be complete this year, as I wish to continue adapting it and moving through the stages of the enquiry in order to see if IDL and enquiry opens the doors to a deeper leaning for learners as it has for me.  I have been forced this year to look at how adaptable I am as a teacher and how I can shift my teaching methodologies to fit different Learners’ needs and different learning contexts. I have excelled in areas I never thought I would and struggled in areas I was confident in – such as differentiation and working with children who have educational barriers. Not only has the pandemic allowed me to see what my learners are capable of, and celebrate their accomplishments, it has allowed me to reflect on my practise and plan my next steps.

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