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Nursery news February 2016


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Thanks to Stephen Bullock, Finn’s dad, – we have a super, new nursery blog. We are hoping that parents and carers will find it useful as, if you sign up, it can go straight to your Facebook or Twitter Feed. If you would also like to have it as an email we can do that too. The wonders of modern technology! Our blog address is Please have a look and tell us what you think. It will allow us to send out our news and also update you on nursery events, hopefully making life easier for parents who are not always in nursery, or have no time to read our weekly news board.


Nursery Lunches    lunches

We have been allowed to change our arrangements for the venue for lunches for our all day children and these will now be served in the nursery playroom. We are very happy about this as we feel we can make the whole experience more enjoyable and nurturing for the children. The children will be involved in setting the table, choosing music to listen to and helping to clear away after their meal. We hope that our calmer, more comfortable surroundings will encourage children to take time enjoying their lunch and be far more relaxed, practising their lovely table manners! Please let us know what you think about this and also pass on your child’s comments too!


What are we learning?  numbers numbers2

Our number focus this month is- Recognising numbers 5-10. We are going to be doing lots of work in nursery exploring the shapes of the numbers and finding fun ways to remember them. We are also going to sing lots of number action songs and draw numbers everywhere!! If you would like to help your child with this at home, try spotting numbers in the environment or ask them to sing you a number song. (We’ll put the words on the blog!)

What did we learn about Hairdressers?  hair

Last month we learned a lot about Hairdressers. Our nursery salon was very busy and the appointment book was always full. The skilled stylists created magnificent styles using Velcro rollers, clips, hair bands and hairdryers. The amazing thing was that there wasn’t a pair of scissors in sight! The average price for a set and blow dry was £250 which all the customers paid without any complaints!!

We had a walk to the village where we counted the number of hairdressers (6), and barbers (3), in the town centre. We visited “The Barber” in Stewart Street and watched a gentleman having his hair cut. James sat up on the special childrens’ chair and let Caroline-Drew’s mum who owns the barbers, comb his hair into a beautiful style. Caroline told us that her job was very interesting-“Much more about people than just their hair!” We found out that you have to be a friendly person to be a hairdresser, and be able to talk to people about lots of things. We also visited the ladies in Capelli’s hairdressers and had a good look around the salon which was full of things that smelled nice. Capelli’s did not have a parrot, though-one of the things the children had been very impressed with in “The Barbers”.

Recently we have carried out a Hair Colour Survey in nursery and will be putting our graph up on the wall in the Creativity Zone.

In our study of Hairdressers, we have looked at the jobs local people do, learned a bit about paying for things with money (though maybe we will have to look at the pricing policy in our salon), and explored our local area. We learned that to be a hairdresser, you need to be creative and learn how to work with hair and that also you need to be a “people” person. Best of all we had great fun transforming our friends and teachers with our highly individual, creative styles.

Here’s Kate, after a trip to the nursery salon, sporting a new style involving a hairband, Tunnocks Tea Cake Wrappers, Feathers and Velcro Rollers- a big improvement and only £250!


Burns Day


We celebrated our national bard’s birthday in Nursery. Maureen was very creative in the reading corner, making a wee Burns Cottage with a cosy fireplace, to read our Scottish books in. The staff are all still trying to get their tongues round the mad, mental language in “The Gruffalo’s Wean”

Our Burns Supper was excellent and, believe it or not, most children tried a wee bit of the haggis, neeps and tatties with some coming back for seconds. As usual, the shortbread biscuit was the most popular item on the menu and the quietest time of the whole day was the minute after these were handed out. Susan Tighe, our Snappy Sounds music specialist came in later in the week and we had a Scottish Music Fest – finishing with Auld Lang Syne. Susan was very impressed when we sang her the Scottish songs we had learned – especially “You Canny Shove Yer Granny Aff A Bus!” All in all – we feel we did Rabbie proud!


Our Theme in the Discovery Zone – “Our Bodies” is proving very popular. We have had very interesting books brought in and we have been learning what all the organs do. According to one of our young would-be doctors, our lungs are actually called “Pumpers” because they pump air in and out! We have been having fun speeding up our heart rates in the gym and finding out the names for a lot of body parts. This week the children were finding out about the digestive system and we found out that the Small Intestine is not very small at all! We made a human chain of wee people right through the nursery and it took 20 of them to stretch to the length of a small intestine.

lower intestine






Our human chain!


Other nursery news:

Wee Accidents!        drip

We have run out of small trousers and pants! If you have any wee joggy bottoms or leggings your child has outgrown, we would be very grateful for them. Also, if your wee one might be a bit prone to needing a change, please could you put a change of trousers and pants in their shoe bag. Soiled clothes are no longer put on the children’s pegs – we have a soiled clothes bin in the adults loo and all clothing is sealed in a bag and labelled. Any clothing not collected by the end of the day has to be binned. This is East Dunbartonshire policy and meant to be more hygienic. Any spare clothing would be very much appreciated.


Wellies  wellies

Please could your child keep a pair of wellies in nursery for muddy, garden fun or wet walks in the woods or the village. All these experiences are better with dry feet! We have bought boxes to put each group’s boots in and we can provide a permanent marker to label them, so hopefully less will go walkabout on their own

Staff Courses

This month Valerie and Lynn have both attended a full day course on “Five to Thrive” looking at improving children’s emotional well-being. Valerie is our Family Champion within Milngavie Nursery and she is trained in Triple P – the Positive Parenting Program. She is available to talk with parents about any parenting issues they may come across, and can also run courses. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with her – parenting is the most difficult job there is and babies don’t come with instructions!

Here is Valerie in Family Champion mode!super val





10 Green Bottles


Ten green bottles, hanging on the wall, ten green bottles, hanging on the wall,

And if one green bottle should accidentally fall, there’d be nine green bottles hanging on the wall!

Nine green bottles etc etc


10 Little Speckled Frogs



Ten Little speckled frogs, sat on a speckled log,

Eating some most delicious grubs, yum yum!

One jumped into the pool, where it was nice and cool,

Then there were nine green speckled frogs, glub, glub!

Nine little speckled frogs, sat on a speckled log etc etc


One Man went to mowone man and his dog

One man went to mow, went to mow a meadow, one man and his dog,

Went to mow a meadow,

Two men went to mow, went to mow a meadow,

Two men, one man and his dog went to mow a meadow.

Three men etc (up to 10)

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