Monthly Archives: September 2017

Reflect, Reflect, Reflect

Reflection is a main component of becoming a primary teacher and one must continue to reflect even once qualified to ensure the best teaching for the children. Reflection is used in order to grow both personally and professionally in this profession. When reflecting about semester one and thinking of a significantly important moment which aided my professional development, one specific topic comes to mind; the module on values. This module really made me reflect and explore my own personal values and how they will impact my teaching. It made me challenge why I believe certain things to be important to me in teaching and even change a few of my views. Since this module, I have begun to concrete my values and beliefs which will allow me to portray and follow them whilst on placement. I am looking forward to my first teaching placement as I think being in a school environment will help me see my values in practice and how the way I treat others, in relation to my values, will impact my profession and the way in which I teach. One thing I can take away from this module is to always reflect and challenge yourself and your values to ensure self growth. I am anticipating my future at university and in schools with great excitement, so although we must reflect, reflect, reflect, we can also look forward to things to come.