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🌈 Activities Afternoon Friday 6th November 2020

We had an activity afternoon on the last day of term before our October break. Here are some of the photos.

Lucas and Cooper enjoyed the building blocks.

Jack and Adam enjoyed the Lego.

Isabella and Danielle liked the pet shop toys. Isabella wants to be a vet when she is older.

Freddie, Megan and Murrin used the water colours and chose what to paint.

🌈 Water Colours Friday 6th November 2020

I think I mentioned that the children’s flower pictures would make great gifts. Using the water colours was quite tricky, but it was also relaxing. The children know how to use them properly because Mrs Goodwin taught me.  The children are great teachers too if anyone needs a relaxing activity to try at home.

Mrs McKenna told me about this quote by Picasso and I think the art in our class makes the point:

Every child is an artist. Download this free printable quote from Picasso! | Quotes for kids, Artist quotes, Words

I looked up what else he had to say. He also said:

Our ‘Wonderful World’ topic is an Expressive Arts topic, but it is also a Health and Wellbeing topic because it is helping us to relax, feel joy and appreciate the world around us. I hope it gives you all a little joy too.

Here is our class display:

Here is a close up of Adam’s picture:


Really sorry, I have been trying to upload lots of the pictures, but the site isn’t letting me. I will find another way to show them and I will make a quick Blog about our activity time.





🌈 Some of Our Flowers Friday 30th October

I hope these pictures bring a smile to everyone. I would love to take them home but luckily I have lots of photos of them to keep me smiling.  I think  if they were framed they would make great gifts. (The water colours and pastels will be sent home in early December when we have replaced them with something new.) I honestly think the children have done brilliantly and can’t wait to see how our next Art lessons go. I photocopied the black and white originals so that the children could complete them with coloured pencils and pastels.  I haven’t displayed them all yet, but here are a few. Enjoy!







🌈 What Have Primary 3 Been Doing this Week? Friday 23rd October

The Primary 3 Art work has really been making me smile over the past few weeks. I hope it does the same for you. 

Here are some close ups of our ‘Wonderful Me’ self portraits done with felt tips.









🌈  Sorry I tried to post more, but there were some glitches with uploading photos. I will make a powerpoint of the art at some point. Have a great weekend.  🌈

🌈 What Have Primary 3 Been Doing this Week? Friday 9th October

We have been exploring a range of art materials for our ‘Wonderful World’ topic. We have used water colours and pastels this week.  We have completed ‘Wonderful Me’ and ‘Wonderful Plants’ so far. The art work in Primary 3 is awesome!  We hope you like the photos!

Adam enjoyed using the water colours.  ‘I liked using the paints because they were fun and good.’

Using the water colours was relaxing but as you can see from the photos it also made everyone concentrate and pay attention to the detail in their paintings.

Everyone listened and worked hard.

‘I liked using the paints best because I liked mixing the paints on the palette.’ Isabella  

We also used pastels this week.  

‘I really liked using the pastels because every bit I smudged looked realistic.’  Megan T

‘I liked using the pastels because it was satisfying.’ Ciara

We started to making our ‘Wonderful Me’ display. Here are some of the self portraits. We used felt tips to make these.

Thomas said, ‘I like using the felt tip pens best in Art because they are easier to draw with.’

Look out for all of the self-portraits next week!

Have a well-deserved holiday week! Ms Short  🌈


🌈 What Have Primary 3 Been Doing this Week? 2nd October

We have been learning to draw flowers as part of our ‘Wonderful Plants’ expressive arts work. We used a YouTube video to  practise drawing daisies and chrysanthemums. Here are some of our pictures. We haven’t finished them all yet so more to come next week.

We looked carefully at real flowers and tried to sketch them so that we can paint them next week. We talked about lines, colours and shapes. We are going to explore different art resources. We will be using water colours, pencils, wax crayons and pastels.  Here are some of the real flowers we are trying to sketch and paint.

We had to observe the flowers carefully and concentrate on our drawing. Everyone paid attention to what they were doing. Great job, Primary 3! I can’t wait to see the finished results!



🌈 What Have Primary 3 Been Doing this Week?

🌈We have been talking more about being back at school and learning. Here are some of the things people have to say at Pupil Voice Time.  We do Pupil Voice Time at least once a week.

I have learned that fiction books can have lots of pictures and non-fiction books would usually have photos.  My favourite book in Primary 3 is ‘Baby Brains.’   Megan C

I have learned how to be a good writer and how to do dot to dots.    Rhys

Extreme Dot To Dot Printable ... | Dot to dot printables, Dot to dot puzzles, Hard dot to dot

I have learned some new French words like how to say packed lunch in French and I can say colours too!   Cooper 

I really like playing Sum Swamp!   Lachlan

I like doing my maths. I like doing adding.  Freddie

I have been learning about times sums all on my own at home!  Oliver

I am enjoying making new friends like Thomas in Primary 3.      Cara   

🌈 What Have Primary 3 Been Doing this Week?

As part of our Health and Wellbeing Programme we have been doing Fruit and Story Time. Everyone tries their best to listen and we have been enjoying lots of different picture books while we stay healthy.

We have just started a new chapter book and we are concentrating on fiction books this term.

We have also been talking more about being back at school and learning. Here are some of the things people have to say at Pupil Voice Time. 

‘We have been revising the story of 11.’  Zac

‘We have been learning to read and to write neatly in our jotters.’   Heather

‘We have been learning about the nurture alphabet. B is for boundaries and I like that because I like people to follow the rules.’     Eli

‘We have been learning how to do really neat handwriting.’     Ciara

‘We have been practising counting to 100.’   Megan

‘We have been learning to count with tally marks.’  Thomas


‘We have been learning how to do sums with and without number lines.’   Isabella

Thanks for all your hard work. Have a lovely weekend! See you on Monday!  Ms Short 🌈




🌈 What Have Primary 3 Been Doing?

We have been doing lots of ‘Circle Time’ and ‘Pupil Voice’ activities for Health and Wellbeing.  We have been learning to speak out and give our opinions.

‘I feel happy to be back at school because I like doing my work.’    Adam

‘We have been trying to make sure everybody feels safe in school. I am trying to include everbody.’   Danielle


We have been revising counting to 100.’       Murrin

‘We have been practising our manners and I have been remembering to say please and thank you to the dinner hall ladies. The ladies smile at me when I say it.’  Jack

‘We have been washing our hands for 20 seconds before we go home and before lunch time and playtime. ‘             Mila

‘We are learning to wash our hands really well to get rid of germs.’  Lucas

We are learning to give our opinions and to speak out and over the next few Blogs we will hear from everyone in the class. We will also put up photos of some of the wonderful work in the class! Have a great weekend, Primary 3 and keep up the positive attitude and hard work.

Ms Short  🌈