🌈 Water Colours Friday 6th November 2020

I think I mentioned that the children’s flower pictures would make great gifts. Using the water colours was quite tricky, but it was also relaxing. The children know how to use them properly because Mrs Goodwin taught me.Β  The children are great teachers too if anyone needs a relaxing activity to try at home.

Mrs McKenna told me about this quote by Picasso and I think the art in our class makes the point:

Every child is an artist. Download this free printable quote from Picasso! | Quotes for kids, Artist quotes, Words

I looked up what else he had to say. He also said:

Our ‘Wonderful World’ topic is an Expressive Arts topic, but it is also a Health and Wellbeing topic because it is helping us to relax, feel joy and appreciate the world around us. I hope it gives you all a little joy too.

Here is our class display:

Here is a close up of Adam’s picture:


Really sorry, I have been trying to upload lots of the pictures, but the site isn’t letting me. I will find another way to show them and I will make a quick Blog about our activity time.