🌈 What Have Primary 3 Been Doing this Week?

🌈We have been talking more about being back at school and learning. Here are some of the things people have to say at Pupil Voice Time.  We do Pupil Voice Time at least once a week.

I have learned that fiction books can have lots of pictures and non-fiction books would usually have photos.  My favourite book in Primary 3 is ‘Baby Brains.’   Megan C

I have learned how to be a good writer and how to do dot to dots.    Rhys

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I have learned some new French words like how to say packed lunch in French and I can say colours too!   Cooper 

I really like playing Sum Swamp!   Lachlan

I like doing my maths. I like doing adding.  Freddie

I have been learning about times sums all on my own at home!  Oliver

I am enjoying making new friends like Thomas in Primary 3.      Cara