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January 8, 2019
by Lynne Douglas

First Digital Technologies Class


Hello, my name is Lynne and I am currently an education student at The University of the West of Scotland. For my optional module I choose digital technologies which I was quite excited to start as I thought it would be very interesting. I was aware that it would take a lot of work and I would have to put a lot of effort into this module but was still surprised when I was told that we are to spend 200 hours on this module. However, I am still excited about this module and will definitely do the right amount of work for it. One main reason I choose digital technologies was because I believe I will find the module very fascinating and will enjoy this module a lot. In addition to this in today’s society technology is hugely important so to I feel that I should be able to use this to my full advantage. Therefore, this will module will help to deepen my understanding of different ways to use technology effectively inside and outside the classroom. I already have a small understanding of digital technologies as I took higher administration and IT so this module will to expand on my prior learning. Finally, I believe this will be an incredibly useful module for when I am out in schools. Since more children are becoming what Prensky calls “Digital Natives” it will keep the children engaged as many of them will be well versed in using technology. This will also allow different ways to teach children certain skills that they may find more enjoyable.

Reasons for Digital Technologies in Schools

The Scottish Government stated many different reasons why digital technologies is so important in schools in The National Digital Learning and Teaching Strategy (2016). One of the reasons they listed was that it would help the increase attainment. They also suggested that it would help the young people be able to adjust to employment better after leaving education. The Scottish Government also said that it will help parents interact with their child’s school better as there will be easier ways to contact and get involved with the school. I personally agree with this as I think it is vital that we keep up to date and use the digital technology to our advantage as this has many advantages.

Self Assessment

Today, I completed a success wheel where I rated my knowledge and experience related to different aspects of digital technologies. For ActivInspire I rated myself a 0/5 as I have never heard of this or used it. For Programmable toys I gave myself a 2/5 as I have had some experience in the past as in Primary 7 we designed our own robots and programmed them, however since this was quite long ago, I don’t feel too confident in this area. In coding and Easi-speak microphone I rated myself 0/5 as I have never had any experience with these. For the iPad I rated myself 5/5 as I can confidently use these as I used to own one. For games-based learning I rated myself 5/5 s again I am confident in this subject. For outdoor learning I rated myself 4/5 as I am also quite confident in this area as well. Finally, for Glow I rated myself a 3/5 as I am quite confident using this however there are still some things I struggle with. By taking notes of these I will be able to look back over this 12 week module to be able to see how much I have improved in these areas.

Reference List

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