Previously on Lucy’s journey to becoming a teacher……

Throughout semester 1, I came across situations where I was able to grasp a better idea about what the future of university would be like. A moment that I feel really brought my work and effort together was the ‘Working Together’ presentation.

Though out the process of our agency visit, research and working with my group to create a presentation to show our work, I feel I had a great experience. I was very fortunate to be working with people who were as passionate as me about the careers they are going into. This was something we were all able to bond over. Working with students that are going into a different career than me but I will be working with closely in the future was an eye-opener. I have to admit that before working with them I thought I had an idea of what their roles were, but really I didn’t know much at all.

The presentation itself was something I was very nervous about. Despite feeling confident in speaking out in lectures and I am happy to share my thoughts with people in a discussion , I felt that the pressure was on to 1. represent my group well and deliver the hard work we had been doing 2. Say the right thing, I often mix up my words and become quick speaking when I can feel the pressure is on. Even during the rehearsal I could feel my words twisting. When it came to the ‘real deal’ I was so nervous because of all these worries running through my head. However, once I started I felt at ease. It was as if the thought of everything going wrong was what was worrying me rather than the talking and presenting. I was able to deliver my part with confidence and calmly. I feel as though this was a turning point for me. Throughout other tasks like this I have opted not to talk. In the future if I am under the same situation I may be able to over come the negative thoughts with the idea of ‘no actually this went alright last time’

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