Not so easy

I can see that blogging would be easier if I had a group involved who could all contribute ideas.

It would also make more sense if it had a particular topic or theme.

I like the ease of posting but am not sure if I will use this to disseminate information as new postings take over from old and it seems to be tricky to find previous information.

I’m still learning though and will keep trying ! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Not so easy”

  1. Hi,
    It takes a while, I’ve been blogging all by myself for years. I find writing in the open makes me think things through in a different way. Often takes me a long time to write quite a short post.
    It is harder now, I think, in getting your blog to be part of a regular group. Commenting on other blogs that are of interest and linking back to your own is a good idea. I also auto tweet new posts using I think you can use as well.

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