First Activity of the Professional and Academic Development Online Unit.

UNIT 1 – SECTION A, Activity

Identifying Skills and Abilities

Activity 1

This activity was to create an audit based on skills you already have. After this has been completed, we can then move on to figure out how to develop each skill. It was an effective method as it has shown me which exact skills are already developed and which I need to work on.

Rate yourself (1=Not very well developed; 3=very well developed)

Skills and Abilities 1 2 3
Self-Discipline *
Share opinions confidently


Team work *
Acting as a leader *
Contribute to Discussions *
Write for Academic Purposes *
Work on own Initiative *
Be Creative *
Self Confidence *
Set Personal Goals *
Use technology *
Work Under Pressure *
Build Social Networks *
Manage Time *
Make Presentations *
Take Notes *
Converse Confidently *
Problem Solve *
Generate Ideas *
Thinking Critically *
Evaluate Information *
Organise and Plan *
Computing skills *
Debate both formally and informally *
Listen to Others *
Negotiation *
Take Responsibility *
Take Risks *

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