MA1 Placement

For our MA1 placement, we have been asked to set ourselves 3 goals, all linked to the GoalsStandards for Provisional Registration (SPR). There are a number of things I wish to achieve on placement, but I know it is unrealistic to aim too high. I will bear them all in mind, but I have selected the following three goals to focus on:

Goal 1. Planning

When on placement I will gain a better understanding of lesson planning through gaining a good depth of experience. More specifically, I’d like to focus on the relevance of my lesson plans.

2.1.1 – Have knowledge and understanding of the nature of the curriculum and its development: develop an understanding of the principles of curriculum design and the contexts for learning; – I will do this by reading up on CfE and observing my teacher plan and deliver her lessons. By having a better understanding of the design of the curriculum, I will know what basis my lessons should be built upon.

2.1.2 – Have knowledge and understanding of the relevant area(s) of pre-school, primary or secondary curriculum: understand how to match the level of curricular areas to the needs of all learners; I will do this by gaining an understanding of what level my pupils are at, I will effectively be able to differentiate my teaching so every pupil benefits.

Goal 2. – Timing

It is a great fear of mine that when teaching, I will run out of time and not have a chance to deliver my lesson. It is, even more, a fear, that my pupils race through the work too quickly and I am left with nothing to teach them. Obviously, in this instance improvisation and thinking on the spot would come into play, but my goal is to minimise the chance of this occurring.

3.1.1 Plan coherent, progressive and stimulating teaching programmes which match learners’ needs and abilities – plan appropriately for effective teaching and in order to meet the needs of all learners, including learning in literacy, numeracy, health and wellbeing and skills for learning, life and work.

Goal 3. – Behaviour Management

I want my placement to be successful, and by successful not only do I want to leave having had a positive experience,  I also hope my pupils gain a lot from my teaching too. One of the main things playing in my mind is how I am going to keep control of my class. The area relating to this in the SPR is:

3.2.2 Develop positive relationships and positive behaviour strategies – show awareness of
educational research and local and national advice, and demonstrate the ability to use a variety of strategies to build relationships with learners, promote positive behaviour and celebrate success; and apply the school’s positive behaviour policy, including strategies for understanding and preventing bullying;

goalTo do this, I will ensure my pupils respect me from the very beginning, maintaining a professional relationship. I do not want to come across as “too friendly” as I feel this may lead to a loss of respect and control of my class. In saying this, I still hope to be friendly to a professional extent. I will observe how the class teacher controls the classes behaviour and ask her about the methods she uses, before hopefully implementing them into my own practice.

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