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Katie’s resources blog

Last week we completed a resources workshop, where we were placed in groups with resources placed within an envelope, we were given the task to make something that we can give to a new student attending the university using only the resources that we were given in the envelope. However, each group was given different amounts of materials. Some groups with loads of materials, who received all of the praise and some groups with little to no resources who had their work looked down upon and completely ignored when presenting ideas. Doing this values workshop appeared to give a wider more universal meaning that the simplicity of just one classroom, upon doing this task it became evident that the groups that were getting all of the attention, seemed to thrive of this attention and therefore seemed to work a lot harder to receive this approval that they were so easily receiving. In contrast when the groups who received almost no supplies such as myself, seemed to work more for ourselves, rather than trying to gain the approval we so obviously weren’t going to receive, we worked to make ourselves proud of what we could achieve. The two levels of groups seem to be a microcosm for privileged and under privileged children within the world, this privileged group – the one who received all the equipment – were completely unaware of the treatment they were receiving in comparison to the underprivileged children – the group with little to no resources – knew about what was happening and that they were being treated differently but just accepted this fact anyway, this appears to be the way in which society works, where less fortunate people have an issue they believe it is just the way it’s supposed to be and therefore just do the best they can with what they have. Not only did this seem to have deeper meaning for the groups but a deeper message for teaching, that not every place you go is going to have the same resources the same background, however this doesn’t mean that the children can’t perform to as a high a level as children in a school with more resources. As Graham Hill says in his Ted talk “sometimes less is more”.