Personal audit & transferable skills

Activity 1

1. Below are a list of skills and abilities. Complete an audit of where you are now. Record this in your learning journal/portfolio.

Rate yourself (1=Not very well developed; 3=very well developed)

Skills and Abilities




 Setting personal goals                       ˣ
 Self confidence                       ˣ
 Ability to work in teams                       ˣ
Organisational skills                       ˣ
 Time management and punctuality                       ˣ
 Self-motivated                       ˣ
 Problem solving                       ˣ
Initiative                       ˣ
Has the ability to work under pressure                       ˣ


Although it is important to identify where we are now, it is not enough to stop there. We need to reflect upon how we can develop the skills where we are less confident and how we can transfer the skills in which we are confident and competent.

Activity 2

Complete the audit below, using the information from the table above.

Recognition Reflection Action
Skills already developed How will I use these How do I know (evidence)**
 Setting personal goals  Through setting personal goals it will allow me to plan to what I aim to achieve by a certain point in time. For example, through aiming to complete an essay by a certain date this gives me something to work to.  I have set goals through semester one by aiming to complete a section of reading by a certain week, or set a goal of meeting up with people in my peer learning groups or lectures.
 Ability to work in teams  Through working in teams this will be used in my lectures and my workshops, for both history and education, giving me the ability to discuss the task at hand. I will also use this skill when out on placement.  Through working in my peer learning group in working together, this has shown me that I am able to work in a group in addition to presenting my views in a professional manner.
 Organisational skills  I will use my organisational skills throughout university and my later life, for example- when planning for my lectures I read the required reading before entering my lecture. Also, my planning skills will be used for when I need to plan my time for when assessments or exams are coming up so I make the most of my learning here.  I have played a key role in organising meeting times and places with my peer learning group in regards to making notes after the Dundee Carers visit.
 Time management and punctuality I will use this to be on time for lectures and workshops, but this will also be extremely important for placement. I have never been late for any of my workshops or lectures, having the aim to be at least five minutes early for them to minimise disruption.
 Has the ability to work under pressure  Through putting forward points in lectures on controversial topics, this has allowed me to think and work professionally under pressure.  I have thought about the views I could say without being deliberately offensive e.g. in Derek’s lecture about racism and sexism, or through being calm and trying not to allow the pressure of stress effect my skills.
 Listening to others  I will listen to others in my lectures whenever someone contributes to the discussion. Listening to others also happens when working in groups.  I have listened to others in my lectures, workshops and in my peer learning groups.

** This section should be completed as you identify when/where/how you have used/developed these skills.

Recognition Reflection Action
Skills to be developed How will I develop these How do I know (evidence)**
 Making presentations  This will be developed through assignments or group presentations when I need to either speak about a topic or present one.  I have not had a chance to make a presentation yet but within my Working Together module I have to present what I had learnt in the form of a presentation.
 Writing assignments  I will develop the skills of writing academic assignments through using books that offer tips on how to do so, in addition to completing these online assessments.  Although I have completed the OLA, I have yet to write an assignment but this will be completed as time goes on.
 Having a better initiative  I will continue to develop my initiative through participating in the lecture discussions and working with my peer learning group.  I have only began bettering my initiative, this has done so through the policies, practices and theories I have learnt within the lectures.
 Participating in debates  I will develop this skill through both the education modules and my chosen elective, but whilst developing this skill I will need to learn how to control my voice and the content which I say.  I have only partially been able to develop this but I aim to further this in lectures or workshops in the future.
 Problem solving  I will develop this through working out what practices or theories are best fitted within a problem.  I have been developing this skill through my peer learning groups in Working Together. For example, on a case about what is the best approach to dealing with a child who needs support.
 Leadership skills  This skill will be developed through the course of university, especially when working in groups that requires a leader.  I have not had a chance to further my leadership skills yet.

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