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First Values Workshop

On Tuesday we had our first values workshop, this tied into the lecture we had that morning. When I first walked in I found myself trying to go to a table that wasn’t too full nor too empty, this was fruitless.

When Carrie came in we were each assigned a number between one and four. I was given the number three; this number meant nothing to me when the task first began as I was blissfully unaware of what the task involved. As everyone began the first task (emptying the intriguing envelope and creating items to give to new university students to help them settle in) people began to notice that different groups had either more or less compared to another group. When starting at group one, they had a plentiful supply of stationary, paper etc. but when you reached group four they only had a few items. As the task continued it became extremely apparent that each number was being treated differently; having great praise in groups one and two, and then almost no comment at all in groups three and four.

This task was a great example of values and experiences in today’s society. Through subtly showing that some people or families are less fortunate and have to live with the little amount of items they have, it brought forth many discussions on the topics of wealth, community and schooling.

After leaving the workshop I began to reflect upon how, in some areas, the community can affect a child’s learning or how being unable to buy new clothing/accessories each school year may push children to dislike school. So through this one workshop it has been interesting to see how by having different upbringings or experiences how this can affect the way you perceive something to be.

Why Teaching?

Teaching has been a career I have wanted to be part of ever since primary. I never had a teacher that made me think “teaching is what I want to do in life”, instead I had a lesson which I found extremely fun.

Even through secondary school my dream of doing teaching stuck, despite this being ironic due to me rather being anywhere else but school. Although, through disliking certain aspects of secondary school this made me understand the reason of why I wanted to become a teacher. It wasn’t just because of enjoying working with children or finding new ways to make maths easier to understand. It was because I wanted, and still want, children to enjoy and embrace learning more so than what I did. Although there are many other reasons of why I chose teaching, the want for children to enjoy being in a learning environment is the number one reason of why I chose to apply to do education at university.

Through helping out and volunteering at schools and establishments it helped me understand how difficult it is and how patient, persistent and confident you have to be to work in this profession. Despite having an insight of what it is like to be a helper in a classroom the aspect of having full control over lessons and a class full of students will be a shock.

So, through wanting to be kept on my toes, explore a variety of topics daily and make learning enjoyable I decided that teaching is what I wanted to make my living from.