Personal and Professional Values and Commitment- Online Unit Three

Within this task, it asked me to look at my own personal values and how they motivated me to choose teaching as my future career.

Yet, when answering this question I believe that your own values need to be understood before entering your professional practice. I would say that my first core value is equality, regarding equality in teaching I believe that everyone has the right to an education regardless of their race, gender or religion. So, through this view I would say that this would be one of my core values within my classroom as no child should be subjected to stereotypes within school. However, when looking at this I began to realise that treating every child equally may be a hindrance in addition to being a benefit, as those who may be more disadvantaged within the class may still be below others. This then ties into the importance of equity where a child’s capabilities wont be underestimated due to their background, gender etc. Yet, when looking at the chance to give children equal chances to achieve you must understand that the same methods to educate will not bring this forth. For example, when going over English within a lesson it would not be fair to ignore the fact that some pupils may be using English as a second language, meaning these children wont necessarily achieve as highly as the rest of their class. Therefore, through keeping the values of equality and equity within my teaching this will mean that every child will be presented with equal opportunities to be educated in addition to having the equal chance to achieve. By saying that, there are numerous other values that are important and should be brought into your professional practice, these can include: honesty, team work and determination.

Although some of these values listed are professional, the aspect of personal values can also be brought into your professional setting. By saying this, there is a clear line of which personal values are acceptable within your career and which ones aren’t, for example the aspect of religious or political views cannot be discussed within a classroom setting. But, personal values such as trust, respect and social justice can be brought up in the class as they are important within teaching.

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