Managing and Engaging With My Learning

For this blog post it is based on my Online Units where I will identify and reflect on factors which will help me manage my learning.

Reflection/Recognition                                                                  Action

What helps my learning?                                                                  How can I utilise this?

Discussing with others– I could meet with my peers after lectures and workshops to continue discussions in addition to participating in the online discussions on the blogs.

Organisation- Once finishing a lecture/workshop I should write any further slides or pieces of information which I missed so that I have better notes. Also, I should organise my notes into categories so that all of my work is together.

Revision- I should go over pieces of information that I am unsure of and write flashcards or go over them until I understand them.

Planning- I should plan my day more often so I have a list of tasks to do, this will help reach my goals for each day regarding: discussion tasks, reading etc.

Experience- Through completing placement it will allow me to learn more practical skills about teaching, thus giving me a chance to reflect more.


What hinders my learning?                                                                  How can I address this factor?

Distractions- I should study in a place that has little to none distractions, for example in the quiet section of the library or in my room.

Studying for a long period without breaks- I can set mini aims to complete whilst studying so that when I complete a chapter of reading I have a break.

Social events- I could choose events which I really want to go to rather than every week so that I have something to look forward to. This allows me to get more revision/studying done due to not being fatigued after an event.

Not putting enough analysis into written work- I can spend more time after completing work to read through to check and spend time on bettering my analysis.

The next part of this task is based on the benefits of Active Learning and Co-operative Working.

When looking at active learning, it is the opposite of passive learning; active learning involves you engaging with the information you have been given. The way in which you could do this is through re-writing your notes into spider diagrams or making them into shortened lists so that you are able to process the information easier. By doing this, it has numerous benefits as this allows you to retain the notes better since you are writing them in a way that you personally understand. Additionally, this may lead you to re-write your notes in more depth as if you relate these to real life situations or link this to reading your notes will be backed up with another source. Another way in which you could actively learn is through reciting your notes to either yourself or another person. This is also beneficial as you are putting these bits of information into your memory, allowing you to describe or explain these notes to others without having them in front of you.

Whilst looking at co-operative working there are many benefits that are brought forward. When looking at working together in a group this shows many positives to co-operative working; through completing tasks as a group this allows different perspectives to be brought forward, allowing those within the group to learn new things. Additionally, through working together it can allow tasks to be completed to a higher standard. The reason for this is because each person can be assigned a role rather than being put under pressure to complete a task on their own. Lastly, through working together this brings forward new skills and knowledge that would not have come about if not working with others; through working with others, especially from different professions, it provided a wider range of knowledge and skills to be revealed.

As a result of completing this activity it has helped me understand how to improve the ways in which I study in addition to showing me new methods that I will be using in the near future.

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