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Teaching Across Subject Boundaries TDT

A Memorable Learning Experience:

In Primary School, I remember our topic focusing on the Rainforest. The class were immersed in the topic and I felt that we were all engaged and interested with the delivery of the content. I remember the classroom being decorated to suit the theme of the Rainforest, with greenery and stuffed toys around the room. Our class teacher made connections to the Rainforest throughout the day – focusing our literacy and art to this topic. Our teacher wrote letters to the class from a parrot in the Rainforest which was used throughout the teaching. We then wrote letters to the parrot and Rain Forest information was delivered to us through these letters. I remember really enjoying learning about the Rainforest and receiving our weekly letters. Each person in the class took responsibility for a part of the class topic display which I felt gave us all a sense of pride in our work and learning. Our parents came to our class during this topic and we were given the opportunity to present our learning. I remember creating books to show our knowledge of the topic at the end of the learning which allowed us to cover different aspects of the Rainforest from the animals to the climate. Considering the relevance of the Rainforest to a primary class in Scotland, I feel that it may have not been very relevant but the class enjoyed being immersed in the topic and found the lesson content enjoyable.