Situated Communication – Feedback – Independant Study Task – 16/10/17

For this study task, we were required to work as a pair, myself and my partner found that our points matched in many places with very minimalist disagreement. With relation to the prompts provided the following conclusion can generally be applied;
The more eager a teacher is at accepting feedback and criticism, the better they will become. By accepting their own good and bad habits, and forming new techniques with regards to their communication skills when integrating with pupils.
In the videos, I was not surprised by anything said or presented, however I do believe that for the teacher in the second video he could have been more open with his body language. All information presented in the videos was like information from the course so far. I think that is due to the topic of communication being very similar no matter who you ask or how you approach it.
I found the task simple and straightforward, however the blog post to me is difficult as you need to conceptualise what you’re going to say. Feedback is where you get information back and can be associated with criticism. Whereas, judgement is typically a one-way street where usually one person tells you all the things you did wrong.
The one thing I would keep in mind on placement is to keep an open body language always, to prevent children turning away from you.
Finally, I feel phenomenal about placement and can’t wait for it to start!

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