Before discovering mathematics

Before doing the discovering maths module this year, I was feeling worried about beginning it. Maths has never been my strong point nor will it probably ever be. It has also never been something that I have enjoyed whilst being at school. This is the reason behind me choosing to do is module as as an aspiring teacher I feel that my views have to change on the subject. I also feel that it is essential that I break down the front I put up in relation to maths as a subject.

As a student in school I was always told that maths was not my strong point and to stick to other subject such as English an expressive arts. This I feel, created my views and attitudes towards maths and ultimately affected my ability to do well in the subject. I was always doubted as a “mathematician” therefore I doubted myself.

When applying to do teaching at university I hesitated. How could I possibly ever teach someone how to do maths? I was encouraged by my teachers and family that this attitude I have will change throughout my studies and that I would soon learn to love maths as a subject.

Coming out of first year at university, I would not say my views on the subject have changed greatly. However it has been so encouraging for me as an individual to see that I am not the only one with these views and worries.

After having learnt about the discovering maths module, I was certain that this module was for me. Throughout this module I hope to break down the barriers that are stopping me from enjoying maths, and perhaps fine a true love for the subject.


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