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Although I had never really thought about reflection in my learning before, I now have come to understand that reflection is a crucial part of our learning process, and is something that can make an impact on our learning. Through reflection we need to be critical with ourselves as it will help up to learn from our own mistakes. If we were not to reflect back on to our work, we would be continuously making the same mistakes over and over again. Reflection is crucial in teaching, especially as students when we are on placement. When on placement we should be reflecting back on our day and looking at certain methods that we used through-out it to see what works and what does not work in a classroom.

Through reflection we are able to see any areas in our leaning which we may need to change or any areas that are in need of improvement. One of the most important things we need to remember when reflecting, is to be crucial and honest with ourselves, as if we were not there would be no point in us reflecting. If we do not identify any areas that we have failed in or not done particularly well in, then we cannot expect to do well the next time we come to do it. Although it is also crucial that we pay attention to the things that we have done well so that we fully understand what is was we done well, so that we can do it again.

Overall I believe that refection is a very important part of our learning process and it is something that as student teachers, we should be doing almost on a daily basis, if we want to improve our work and learning.


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  1. MooneyMooney

    This is a great post Kaylan. I agree that reflection is a good way for us to learn how we will act differently the next time a situation happens. I also like how you have added a quote at the end which is also very true and plays a great part in your post.


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