Did gender have an effect on your education as a child?

Going through primary school, I can not think of any circumstances in which gender played an effect on my education, Although what I do remember form primary school, is that the teachers were often very stereotypical. Anything that involved carrying a heavy item from one place to another, it was always a boy that was chosen to do it, never a girl, as we were seen as too weak to carry things. Then there was tasks that involved responsibility and required the person carrying out the task to be responsible, for example, delivering notes to teachers. This type of task, girls would always be chosen as boys were seen as unreliable, and would not get the job done. Although these are very simple stereotypes, I feel very strongly that we as future teachers, need to try and make an improvement. If we as grown ups are telling children, your too weak for this, you are too unreliable for this, what are they going to think about themselves. It is a very minor issue, however something that needs to be looked at seriously, and changed for the better.

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  1. MooneyMooney

    I completely agree with you on how boys were always chosen to carry things. Looking back, i never noticed it at the time but know thinking about it i can see how stereotypical teachers could be. They often asked for a ‘strong boy’ to do a job for them rather than a strong girl. I also agree that teachers gender views should change, especially in this day in age.


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