Reflective Questions

Group and Leadership

  • There was no clear group leader as it was a strong team effort. Everyone was included and most tasks in building our den required partner work. For example, two people holding a section while someone was taping something down.  Personally i don’t think we encountered any challenges when working with this group. It was my first experience working with two members and this was a great ice breaker.


  • Often explaining was hard, both for myself to explain and to understand others. This was because we had clear ideas in our heads as to how we should achieve our den, however trying to articulate it was tricky. This meant we had to explain slowly and answer any questions.
  • I do think we lacked the Planning aspect. We gained ideas along the way and never had a set goal. We were happy to let the den be created as we completed sections bit by bit.


  • The environment played a factor in that we could talk at a comfortable register as there was no battle to be heard.
  •  In a classroom, we could have drawn on the board to help aid an explanation.
  •  The environment wasn’t particularly hard to speak/listen in, however distraction definitely was a factor. Whether that be watching other groups or shouting because someone has spotted a squirrel.


  • Our negotiation was successful as we did manage to borrow a team member, however the team we borrowed from was not too happy. We negotiated a large stick for a team member. Luckily, both us and them were nearly finished so it didn’t make a huge impact either way. However it is challenging because we both have different visions for dens and the new team member had to quickly adjust.

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