Blog Five 3/11/20


Garage Band

This week Julie introduced us to a digital music software called Garage Band. I had heard about the package, but I had no idea it was so good or that it was a real resource for teaching music. There is a wide variety of functions, instruments and sounds that can be accessed at the touch of a screen. The creator for Garage Band is Apple but there are ios versions and other similar software for pc and laptop. The software is downloaded to a digital device which in my case was my iPad. We were guided through beginning a project and all the possibilities available for experimenting. The experience was quite exciting. I could feel the exhilaration and see the learning children would achieve using this. This would give children the chance to experience playing with and creating sound in ways which would have been far less achievable in the past. The potential to tap into children’s creativity and to build on skills is endless. One of the activities is using sound loops. These can be layered and so the children are composing their own creation. In the process of doing this I was able to envisage the use and enhancement of their problem solving, listening and decision-making skills. In most schools today teachers would have access to iPad’s in their classroom so using this presents a great way of bringing music to children without the need of lots of instruments, space, and time. All these things would understandably place financial and time constraints on schools in the past so it is fantastic that children can have access to such an important and fun way to experience music. In a digital led world where our children and young people are the digital natives these resources are an integral part of their learning and there should be no barriers to experience the creativity and gaining the skills that can come from implementing music across the curriculum. I hope to use Garage Band with my pupils in as many ways as I can. The benefits to their overall education and their wider achievement are fundamental to their right to a happy and fulfilled learning journey.

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