Digital Technologies-Module Overview

As an overview for the digital technologies module I found that my understanding of using technology in the classroom and outside, with primary school children has increased greatly. I have found many opportunities of lesson plans that I hope to use during my second year placement. Although I thought my knowledge was sufficient on this subject at the beginning of the module I have gained an experience and further information throughout the few months.

I have also realised how truly great digital technologies are to use with the children and has many benefits it has-such as being interesting and fun for the children but still fulfilling a large variety of curriculum for excellence needs and can┬ábe used with many subjects. It also has the ability to aid children that need extra help with their work or those with ASN. Digital technology is also already widely used by children outside school and should be used more often in schools. Digital technology is easily accessible for most primary schools and only requires apps on iPads or basic technologies that schools already have but don’t use enough. Something that I learnt in the course is that many teachers don’t actually know how to use the technology or aren’t aware of how to make the children learn from it. I believe that this module has solved that problem for me as it has taught me so much about different ways to incorporate it into my lessons. I have also greatly enjoyed this module and I am very glad I chose it as I think it will be very useful in the near future for my teaching career.

I have also gained a lot of knowledge on digital technologies within schools by doing further reading and reinforcing it by writing a weekly blog with I found to be very beneficial.

Thank you.