Digital Technologies-iMovie (Week 6)

Today we focused on exploring the use of iMovie on iPads to aid children within the classroom. iMovie is an app that can be downloaded on an iPad and can be used to aid children whilst learning. As a group we decided that we will create a trailer for Snow White which promotes how to be save online for children. Personally I think iMovie can be a great tool to show pupils important matters through more fun and interesting ways. This can help them be more attentive with it and really focus on what is being said.

It is important to make children aware of the dangers of the internet and e-safety. It involves teaching the children how to make sure they are save online instead of restricting what they’re able to see. It is important that the children know how to resolve an issue involving online safety if it arises. (Beauchamp, 2012)

‘Most primary schools will have in place a policy regarding e-safety, but they are likely to reflect official policies and perhaps not the reality of pupils’ live'(Beauchamp, 2012, p.58).

Digital equipment is  widely used within schools in the 21st century-it raises attainment and can contribute in efficient and better understanding of subjects such as maths and science within school pupils. Literacy is also improved through having deeper understanding of English and gives the children a better chance of having a high level of writing abilities. (The Scottish Government, 2015). Porter (2004) believes that multimodal storytelling will be a common bases of teaching in the near future.

‘The digital environment provides a unique opportunity to empower people of all ages to manipulate, combine and distribute their self-expressions as living stories that can be sent into the world and through time'(Porter, 2004, p.35)


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