“Why Teaching?”

Teaching is a hugely rewarding career that I am very excited to embark upon. Reflecting on my 7 years of primary education, I feel that all of my teachers contributed towards my life in a very positive way. They helped encourage me to make new friends, they helped to improve my self-esteem and they also made learning fun and exciting! It’s really important to me that I can make a positive influence on my future pupils’ lives and get them excited about their own education in the same ways that my teachers did for me.

Before I was accepted into university, I went to college to study Early Education and Childcare where I got a taster of life in the classroom as an adult – and I loved every minute of it! Looking back on my time in college, I think that the best thing about being a student teacher was seeing how the children changed throughout the year. I loved seeing how shy children became very talkative and outgoing and I loved seeing how children who couldn’t write their name at the beginning of the year eventually write full sentences. I think that it’s such a rewarding feeling knowing that you have contributed towards helping a child reach these milestones and it’s even better knowing that the child is proud of themselves too.

I am looking forward to developing my own skills as a student teacher throughout the next 4 years. I hope that in this time frame I can develop my own skills as a professional. I want to be able to talk in front of large classes and I want to know how teachers can make lessons fun and interesting.

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