Learning with a Fizz, crackle and Pop!

On Thursday the 25th of January, we took part in a science lesson in which we all designed an experiment and presented to our peers. This session was to allow us to develop a science lesson for going on placement and I feel it was very beneficial to my practical skills for a lesson within a classroom.

The task enabled me to really engage with the CfE as I had to find relevant outcomes for my lesson, which was based around timing the speed of different masses dissolving in water. This experiment allowed for relevant science for children, learning about surface areas, but also incorporated skills such as measuring, timing, and ‘POE’- predicting, observing and evaluating. These skills are transferable across the curriculum and the lesson also included some maths, recording the times, which also encouraged interdisciplinary learning.

I really enjoyed this task and enjoyed taking part in my peer’s lessons too. It was interesting seeing the variety of the lessons and experiments and the session let us work as a team to develop a suitable lesson for teaching on placement.

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