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Reflecting on Discovering Mathematics

I can’t quite believe that first semester is drawing to an end and that the Discovering Mathematics module is now over. I can truly say that I have thoroughly enjoyed my time and have learned a great amount about the world of maths surrounds me. I have also learned the extreme importance of having a profound understanding of fundamental maths, which I will ensure I have before I complete university. So that when I have my own class, I can give the children in my class the best opportunity to reach their full potential.


From learning about how Fibonacci’s golden sequence and ratio occurs in many aspects of nature, music, art and I am sure, many other things… To learning about the history and mathematical concepts behind logistics, sport, statistics and even gambling! I will be sure to use many of the different activities we took part in through out the module in my own lessons. All the workshops were engaging and encouraged us to research and discover even more!


At the beginning of the module I was very worried about my maths anxiety holding me back with my teaching, however, this module has not only given me the confidence in my own abilities but it has also made me realise that teaching maths isn’t all about the complicated maths equations that scare me! I look forward to continuing my maths journey throughout university and beyond.. I will forever be reminded about this module with all the maths I see in my everyday life!


I can tell I won’t be very popular when I keep asking people… “did you know there’s actually maths behind that?!”


But what can I do when mathematics really is EVERYWHERE!!