Reflective Questions

There was no designated leader in my group. Everyone contributed and put effort in to making the den. This created a relaxed and positive atmosphere.  I am quite small and this stopped me from being able to help the others fix parts at the top of the den. This meant that I mainly stuck to creating the bottom part of the den.

I thought everyone explained their ideas clearly and there was no confusion with what was going on. I believe that the instructions were clear because we went through them step by step and worked well as a team. We used the strengths that everyone had to our advantage. I think that we followed the stages of the 5P’s and this helped my group and I to create a suitable den.

When I was outside, I had a more relaxed tone. There was not a lot of background noise so I did not have to project my voice. My group and I were also in an enclosed space so we were quite close to one another. This was helpful because I could hear everyone clearly. When I was explaining my ideas to others, I was able to demonstrate my thinking and move around. I would not normally do this in a classroom environment.

Our negotiations were very successful. We easily decided on which person we wanted to join our group to help us finish the den. Everyone knew that it was more important to pick somebody that could give us additional support. As a result of this, there was no friction.

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