Integrated Arts Week One.

I was not sure what to expect with starting this module as I am not very confident in performing arts areas like drama and music, however I feel more confident in the art and design element of performing arts. In our first lecture it was made clear that experience and confidence in these areas is not an essential part of learning, as long as we are open to trying new things. This has somewhat put me at ease about doing this module, however I am not a confident person with new things, particularly with performing arts as I know it is completely out of my comfort zone, so I am nervous about this module.

The first lecture was based around music and drama in a primary classroom, which I do not have much confidence in and it was not my favourite element from a previous module last year. I have little experience in doing music and drama lessons, however I have some experience working with a music teacher when I was on placement in college in a class of students with additional support needs.

In our introduction lecture, we watched a clip of a lecture about the importance of writing and creative drawing over typing, where he noted the importance of the connection made between pen and paper and the lack of connection when typing or using a computer. This lecture was lead by Professor Tim Ingold without the use of any technology.

The first workshop we had was Drama with Angela where we discussed the various methods used by teachers to integrate drama into other lessons such as literacy and social sciences subjects. This allowed me to understand further how teachers use drama to further learning in other areas of education to help a child express themselves and develop new skills and improve on existing communication and imagination skills.

Our second workshop was music based where we listened to a piece of music and, in groups, created a storyboard to relate to the style of music. This element of the workshop could be related to Bloom’s Taxonomy – listening to the music, understanding the music, applying this to a storyboard and creating a story.

Reflective Questions

  • Group and leadership
    • Was there a group leader? I would say that we all took equal roles and worked together to create our den.
    •  How was this chosen?  We all adapted and naturally ended up working together.
    • If informal, how did you know?  What were the actions that marked them as a leader?
    • How did this impact on the rest of the group e.g. was there some underlying resentment/ did anyone feel excluded? I don’t think so as we all had equal leadership roles.
    • What was most challenging for you about working in this group? (personal reflection)  I think working with new people I hadn’t worked with before was slightly difficult at first but I adapted quite easily and came out of my shell fast.
  • Explaining
    • How clearly did you think the group explained to you? I think there was good explanations throughout, I didn’t struggle to understand anything.
    • What made this clear or unclear?
    • What stage of the 5Ps might have been missed out? I think our Presentation was missed out as we didn’t really discuss with other groups how our den was built and how we built it, even though we had planned accordingly.
  • Environment
    • What was the impact of the environment on your communication? We mainly used our environment, we used minimal man made elements and used mainly trees and branches along with other natural materials.
    • What changes did you make when explaining to others that you might not have considered in a typical classroom? We were more informal.
    • How challenging was it so speak above the sounds in the environment?  How can we make this communication easier on both speaker and listener? We didn’t struggle as we built our den in an enclosed area, out the way of the other groups, so it was relatively quiet.
    • When listening, did the environment distract you? How can we overcome this? No, because it wasn’t very windy or loud outside.
  • Negotiation
    • Were your negotiations successful?  Why/Why not? They weren’t successful as only 2 of us went to negotiate and got distracted by the other groups dens.
    • What was most challenging about these? Our negotiation skills could have definitely been improved.