Monthly Archives: October 2016

Social Media

Since starting at university, we have been encouraged to engage with social media in order to gain more access into the world of education. Through browsing various sites, I realised that social media is not only a place for personal accounts but for professional pages also. Firstly, we were shown the ways in which we could use our blog to create our own digital space, then shown how to link this with Twitter. On Twitter I have created a professional account (@JCoventry98) where i can follow hashtags such as #uodedu – this allows me to keep up to date with news surrounding education in Scotland and news from the University of Dundee. I also recently joined a Facebook group – Scottish Primary Teachers – a group where you can ask questions, share your concerns and share resources and ideas. Although I am currently supported by my university, it is comforting to know that when I am faced with a classroom of children on my own I have a group of people I can reach out to. Lastly, I discovered there is a vast amount of Pinterest boards surrounding the topic of education and teaching. Pinterest is particularly useful as you can search for key words to really narrow down results to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. I recently created my own board (Teaching Ideas) to pin important posts I think could be useful as I’m studying to become a teacher or perhaps in the future. I am still discovering new ways in which I can use social media and websites online to enhance my learning and also make me more aware of what’s relevant and trending in education. If anyone has any particular recommendations of websites or have their own Facebook groups, Twitter accounts, Pinterest boards etc., then please leave a comment so I can follow!