School Uniform

The wearing of school uniform is invaluable in conveying a sense of community, wellbeing and purpose. It helps to establish respect between pupils & staff and reinforces that young people have pride in the way they look and wear their uniform proudly

Wearing of school uniform:

  • Indicates a sense of pride in the school and helps pupils to form positive attitudes to the school and to their school work.
  • Protects children from the harmful effects of social distinction and competitive dressing.
  • Promotes the school’s identity in the community, with our immediate neighbours, local business and industry.
  • Assists staff in the task of supervising pupils and keeping unwelcome visitors out of the school.

Irvine Royal Academy School Uniform:

  • White shirt or polo shirt
  • (buttoned up) – no coloured
  • parts to the shirt or logos.
  • Black trousers or skirt (as near to knee length as possible) – no jeans/denims, tracksuit bottoms, jeggings, leggings or shorts.
  • School tie worn correctly (these can be purchased at the school office for £5).
  • Black jumpers (v neck) or cardigan under which the school tie should be visible. Only plain black (with no logos or branding) will be allowed to be worn in class.
  • No Hoodies of any kind are to be worn in class.
  • Black shoes or trainers.
  • Blazers with the school crest are preferred (Blazers are supplied by Gilmour Sports at a cost of £35. More information to follow due to Covid-19).

Some families may be entitled to clothing grants and information on this can be obtained from the school office. In order to reflect our expectations of high standards of dress, we ask students to keep school shirts buttoned and tucked in, to wear ties knotted to the neck. In addition, we ask that students do not display accessories such as fashion belts, scarves etc. and that jewellery and other valuable items be left safely at home.

Primary 7 pupils are issued an Irvine Royal Academy tie as part of their transition from primary to secondary.