Lunch and Lunchtime

Irvine Royal Academy is a health promoting school and we encourage all pupils to eat sensibly so that they can give their best both physically and academically.

Packed Lunches

Pupils can bring a packed lunch with them and they can eat it in the school cafeteria.

School Meals

  • ParentPay is the school online payment system that lets you make secure online payments by credit and debit card. We are pleased to announce that we are now accepting payments online for school meals. ParentPay will now be our only method of making payments to school for school meals.

  • To allow pupils to buy food and drink in our cashless canteen they will have a pin number.
  • Pupils should look after their pin numbers and be sure not to share it with other pupils.
  • Those pupils eligible for free school meals will have their accounts charged up automatically daily

Canteen Courtesy

  • Pupils are expected to be courteous and respectful by putting litter in the bins provided and returning dishes and cutlery.
  • Hot food must not be taken from the cafeteria.
  • S1 pupils are not permitted to leave the school premises at interval or lunchtime.
  • All pupils remain in school at interval.
  • We do not fully know the contents of fast foods and they may contain ingredients which could cause allergic reactions, and so these foods are discouraged in school.