Day 2 of Mural Week

20160524_114100 20160524_134716 20160524_130930 20160524_134820‘We have been making a mural and t-shirts with our names on the back. Painting us as Imagineers onto the board. We made slogans for adults. They said things like ‘Please pay attention to us’ as most adults go on their phones all the time, ‘Treat people with respect’ because we treat adults with respect and they should treat children the same. ‘Pick up your litter’ because Aberdeen won’t be a nice place if messy.’

Miriam, Sean-Paul and Aidan.

‘Our slogans said ‘Be more positive’ as some people like our teachers can be very negative. ‘I need care’ because some adults don’t care about their children. They can show they care by giving you what you need.’

Ben and Abdullah

Day 1 of Mural Week

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‘Today we have started our mural. We have all week to complete it. We have been drawing buses, people, houses and dogs, imagining a better Aberdeen. It is nice being in a group of people and them being helpful to you and you helping them draw.’

Cody and Jamie

‘We are drawing ourselves as Imagineers on a landscape and then chalking out our sketches. I have been chalking slides coming out of a school and into a swimming pool. In my area the slides aren’t that good because people vandalise them. Making friends and meeting new people is my favourite thing about mural week.

Miriam and Ralfs

‘Being listened to gives us human dignity. My mum and my best friend listen to me. I’d like to draw them on the mural.’

Demi and Dylan

‘Being an Imagineer feels fun because you get to paint. Exciting because we’re going new places, meeting new children and painting a mural. Overwhelming but fun!’

Sean Paul, Tijana and Gabrielle

Team day

Using the four school badges as inspiration for landscapes, the Imagineers made drawings together using ideas from the rest of their school pupils for what they imagined home, community, school and adults to be like in their lives. 

‘The house we have drawn is big and the people inside are awesome’ Ben, Bramble Brae Primary School.

Using our imagination

Children from Tullos, Bramble Brae, Manor Park and Riverbank primary schools came together for the first time at Kaimhill Community together to start preparing for mural week. The 20 children are Imagineers, imagining Aberdeen as a happy, healthy and safe place for children to live. They talked about when they use their imagination and what they day dream about.

‘Watching tennis on the TV helps me imagine. I love Serena Williams and would like to play like her.’ Miriam, Manor Park Primary

‘We use our imagination when we are running and listening to music.’ Demi, Manor Park Primary and Lucy, Bramble Brae

‘When I am in my room I like to sit on my bed with my pets and write songs.’ Gabrielle, Riverbank Primary

When I close my eyes, ‘I imagine being in a jungle of instruments’. Demi, Tullos Primary.

Happiness Manifesto

After the recent elections, Imagineers from Manor Park and Bramble Brae schools create their own manifesto for a place where every child is happy. 

Kindness, support + respect
Playing with your friends
Playing outside
To live in peace – at home and in the community
Feeling like you are wanted by someone
Pets to look after
Free from bullying
Choices in learning
Feeling like your opinion is important
Feeling like you have what you need
Toys + games
Going to the beach
Pocket money
A little treat, cake + some ice-cream
Watching TV
To do what they want to and still be safe
Help from people when they need it
A lovely street with nice neighbours and sweet giving people